Ice-cream Entremets

Learn making layered icecream cake, popsicles, cones at home and icecream sandwich with a chemical free icecream at home with no machine by using simple techniques


Tender coconut rose icecream cake

A fresh rose cake layered with tender coconut icecream

Raspberry Chocolate Popsicles

Chocolate icecream enclosed with raspberry jelly dipped with dark chocolate

Deconstructed Blue cheesecake in waffle cup icecream

Homemade blueberry waffle cups topped with cheesecake icecream

Vanilla Chocolate Orange Icecream Sandwich

Orange jelly enclosed in Vanilla choco chip icecream sandwiched between Chocolate Cookies



  1. No Preservative ice-cream
  2. All icecream and jellies are Pure vegetarian and without gelatin
  3. Ice-cream cake
  4. Popsicles
  5. Homemade waffle cones without machine with easy storage
  6. Ice-cream sandwich
  7. Coating and making of choco bar

11am to 5pm including lunch 


Fully hands on 


Rs 4750