This course covers two of the most important French pastry from scratch. Students would be making the dough for the pastry and will be layering, rolling and filling by themselves. The products taught are classics and in trend now a days. These are the Three pastry covered in this course with rolling techniques (Book method or full method & Three fold method)

Course Instruction

Puff Pastry

1) Cheese Twist  
2) Palmiers (French Hearts)
3) Layered pastry cake with custard 
4) Leek Spinach and feta cheese Pie 
5) Apple Tar tine 
6) Vol-au-vents

Short Crust Pastry

1) Tomato & Zucchini Herb Gallete 

2) Apple Crumble Tart 

3) Bell Pepper & Spinach Quiche 

4) Veggie Money bag



Fully Hands on Course

11am to 5pm


Rs 3200